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Lola and Tula were my grandmothers. My grandmothers were beautiful, loving, daring and pillars of strength. Lola and Tula came from two very different places in Mexico. One North, the other South. Lola, with her skin dark, her hair coarse and white, an obvious trait of her indigenous Huichol ancestry, from the state of Nayarit. Tula, with a face like porcelain, a mother to children who freckled in the sun, more European, from the state of Sonora close to the American border. In a country and time where women were usually not owners,  not bread winners and didn't have contradictory voices- these women were doing just that. Where many women of this time and place were usually left in quiet corners to go unnoticed and under appreciated, these two defied expectations. This site, in a small but meaningful way, serves to remember their spirit and being part of their legacy is an honor. 

LOLA Y TULA is a curated collection of Mexican, handmade folk art for the home and wardrobe. It is my grandmothers model of integrity and pride, I hope to mirror with the beautiful items selected for this site. Just like them, each item is extraordinary and exemplifies the highest standard of quality, traditions, artistry and the story of generations carrying out the customs of the people of Mexico. 

All pieces at Lola y Tula are hand selected by me, the site being curated to allow those who love decorating a home or their wardrobe with pieces of originality, authenticity, craftsmanship and above all, beauty. These items are more than just products, but precious gifts that tell a story of the hands who made them, that champion different regions of folk art in Mexico and support the indigenous, artistic communities of our neighboring country.

I am thrilled to offer these gorgeous items to those who already share my passion for 'Artesania Mexicana,' and even more excited to help those discovering this style, how easily these decorative pieces can fit into the new modern home. This is what I love best, mixing the old and new, sleek lines with ornate embellishments, bringing worlds together, just like my grandmothers.


I have always craved travel and adventure. Making homes for myself in Arizona, Spain, Ireland, New York and California, I've surrounded myself with the people and places that inspire me creatively. Having picked up an eye for product after working in fashion with global brands in Manhattan, along with having a deep connection to my mother and father's native country, pairing these two were a natural combination. With Lola y Tula I'm able to bring the art of Mexico to homes everywhere and still have time to run after my rambunctious babies, while caring for them at home. I thank you for visiting my labor of love and look forward to having you come again soon. Sending much love! Abrazos fuertes!